TechEd 2014: Hunting Malware with Sysinternals Tools

Session DCIM-B368: Malware hunting with Sysinternals Tools. This was a great session by Mark Russinovich on how to use his Sysinternals tools to find and rid your system of malware. He had a number of demos showing exactly how his tools find, and then can be used to remove the malware. Check out the Channel 9 video to see all of his great demos.


  • The top 4 AV products detect less than 40% of all malware
  • Malware cleaning steps: Disconnect from network, identify malicious process/drivers, terminate identified processes, identify and delete malware autostarts, delete malware files, reboot and repeat.

Identify Malware Processes

  • Investigate process that: have no icon, have no description or company name, packed, live in user profile, open TCP/IP endpoints, suspicious DLLs
  • Don’t use task manager, use Process Explorer
  • A lot of malware uses randomly generated names
  • “Search online” in process explorer is not that useful these days
  • Pink processes host Windows services (background processes). Blue processes run as the user.
  • Cyan color is Metro apps
  • red/green show processes that are launched and terminated
  • Packed executables are shown in purple. Packed can mean compressed or encrypted
  • Add the “verified signers” column to the display view

Image Verification

  • Most all Microsoft code is digitally signed
  • New: VirusTotal Integration into Process Explorer
  • Add “virus total” column
  • Sigcheck -e -u -vr -s  c:\ (file versioning tool)
  • Strings: check the memory image for suspicious strings

Terminating Processes

  • First put the process to sleep (suspend), then terminate it

Cleaning Autostarts

  • Use “autoruns”
  • Tell autoruns to only show images not signed by Microsoft
  • Malware has started using WMI to start processes

Tracing Malware Activity

  • If in doubt run Process Monitor
  • Filtering is the key to using process monitor
  • Category is “write” is the best filter
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