And the Top 2014 Blogger results are in!

2014_Award-Banner_Top-25 So almost two weeks after voting was closed for the 2014 Top Blogger voting, the results are out! The live web cast was running concurrently with a meeting I was attending virtually, so I had one ear in the meeting and one on the web cast. Eric and his crew were reading off the top 25, just like they did last year. For me, 2013 was pretty funny. I was the second name they got to, at #24, and as I recall most of his panel was like, “Who is this Derek guy?”. I got a good laugh out of that, and was shocked to be voted so high.

This year the competition was even stiffer, with well known personalities that deservedly rank very high. Back to this year…I didn’t catch all of the names Eric was reading due to my concurrent meeting. So I didn’t know if I had dropped or risen this year. I happened to be listening when he got to #12, and said that this person moved up 12 positions from last year.

Quickly doing the math, that means this person was #24 last year….oh wait..that was me! And yup, climbed up to #12 this year! I was surprised and very humbled. And as my last year as an independent blogger (now at Nutanix), I came in at #2 for best Independent blogger, just behind the well known virtualization whisperer Chris Wahl. Maybe it’s his fancy stickers that won over some votes, or more likely his awesome content and speaking engagements.

Duncan Epping always places #1 by a huge margin, and rightfully so. Plus in person he’s one of the nicest guys you could possibly imagine. My second personal favorite is William Lam, now at #2. I think of him as the hacker/scripter/under the covers guru extraordinaire. Plus a big congrats to other rock stars like Frank Denneman, #3.

What I find really interesting is the Nutanix blogger presence in the Top 50 blogs….five of us, three of which are VCDXs. Working for such a great company with top blogger talent is really a dream. The winners are:

Derek Seaman #12
Michael Webster #13
Andre Leibovici #14
Josh Odgers #21
Dwayne Lessner #47

That’s a great testament to the talent Nutanix has, and the utility of our blogging endeavors. I know for me this adds more pressure to put out good content, and more of it. As some may have seen, my blogging has slowed down the last six months due to a number of life changes including a new job, moving, and getting my VCDX. The dust is settling from all those changes, so I’ll get back on my blogging horse with lots of new content. I’m sure some SSL related posts will surely be appearing.

In closing, here’s a shameless plug. I have a few blog sponsorship openings. If you want to sponsor more content, and exposure for your company, check out the options here.

You can find the full results in Eric’s post here. Most if not all of the top bloggers are also on Twitter, so be sure to follow them and subscribe to their blog RSS feed. Also appreciate Veeam for being a sponsor of the voting, and giving away several gifts to the top bloggers. Eric puts a lot of time into his own blog, let alone all the time and effort into the voting. The VMware community rocks.

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