VMworld 2013: General Session Day 2

Today is the second full day of VMworld 2013, and the second keynote of the week. To start off the 0900 keynote Carl Eschenbach took the stage. A few minutes into the presentation they bring out Kit Colbert, a VMware engineer.


  • Business relies on IT
  • Focus on innovation
  • Increasing velocity in IT
  • Deliver IT-as-a-Service – Bringing to life at VMworld 2013

Three Imperatives

  • Must virtualize all of IT
  • IT management gives way to automation
  • Compatible hybrid cloud will be ubiquitous

Architectural Foundation – Software defined Datacenter (SDDC)

vCloud Automation Center

  • IT-as-a-Service
  • Service Catalog for multiple types of services
  • Hybrid cloud support
  • Breaks down costsĀ for an appĀ into OS licensing cost, labor, etc.
  • Shows the ability to configure autoscale for an application
  • Rolls up application health into the portal
  • Application owner can self-service and provision applications either on-prem or in the cloud

vCloud Application Director

  • Creates an execution plan that understand dependencies of VMs
  • Integrates with existing automation tools like Puppet
  • Provisions a multi-tier application
  • This is no a vApp – it’s a full application deployment solution
  • Takes care of infrastructure configuration
  • Decouples the application from the infrastructure configuration

Networking with NSX

  • L2 switching, L3 routing, firewall, load balancing is built-in
  • When provisioning an app, it deploys L2-L7 services along with it
  • Moving the switching intelligence to the hypervisor
  • Routes on exiting physical network without changes
  • Moves routing into the hypervisor – no more hair pinning for VMs talking to each other on different subnets
  • Router is no longer a choke point on the network
  • Up to 70% of traffic in a datacenter is between VMs
  • Moves firewall intelligence into the hypervisor – Can enforce security at the VM layer
  • Ability provision networking config in minutes
  • Showed off vMotioning a VM to a NSX switch with zero downtime

NSX Delivers

  • Speed and efficiency
  • Same operating model as compute virtualization
  • Extends value of existing network infrastructure


  • Allows you to attach a storage performance policy to a VM and it follows the VM across datastores
  • Enables you to dynamically extend VSAN datastore space without downtime
  • Ability to define a policy that requires 2 copies of VM data, for example
  • Auto re-builds any failed disks, seamlessly, and without the VM aware a failure occurred

IT Management

  • Introducing policy based automation
  • Shows off vCloud Director with auto-scaling out configured and automated
  • Proactive response
  • Intelligent analytics
  • Visibility into application heath for the app owner
  • vCOPS can pull in data from partners (HP, NetApp, EMC, etc.) and make intelligent recommendations for performance remediation

Big Data Analytics

  • VMware is shipping Log Insight for IT analytics
  • Log Insight can sift through millions and millions of data points

Hybrid Cloud

  • vSphere Web Client 5.5 has a button for the VMware Public Cloud
  • Seamless view into vCloud Hybrid Service (e.g. looking at VM templates)
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