VMworld 2013: Day 1 Keynote

Today officially kicks off VMworld 2013 in San Francisco. First up is the general session, and celebrates the 10th annual VMworld. I’m live blogging and tweeting (@vDerekS), so these are notes I could jot down during the event. VMware made a number of exciting announcements including GA of vSphere 5.1, a bunch of new storage technologies (VVOLS, VSAN, and others). All of these announcements are focused on the complete SDDC (software defined datacenter). Probably the biggest announcement is VMware NSX, which is their new network hypervisor. Find out details below!

  • Regardless of where you live virtualization goes in three typical phases: IT Operations,  Business critical production, IT As a service
  • 1 in 5 has entered into IT as a Service
  • Those with IT as a service are 3x more productive than those in earlier stages
  • vMotion: 2003; Storage vMotion: 2007, Storage DRS 2011

Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO

  • Mainframe era; Client Server Era (distributed Computing); Today: Mobile Cloud era
  • Now it’s all about IT as a Service
  • Major trends: Social, Mobile, Cloud, Big data
  • 30% of IT budget is going into new innovation
  • VMware customers spend 40% on innovation, and they want to get orgs to 50%
  • Networking is the most important focus at VMworld 2013
  • Four pillars of SDDC (software defined data center) starts with compute, then goes to storage, and network, and finally management


  • Expand virtual compute to *ALL* applications. 100% of workloads including big data.
  • Announcement: vSphere 5.5 and Cloud Suite 5.5
  • What’s new in vCloud 5.5 Suite:
  • 2x the number of cores, vCPUs, big data extensions
  • Up to 64GB VMDKs
  • HA now monitors applications
  • Big Data extensions, such as those for Hadoop
  • Physical hadoop is now a thing of the past
  • “Apps love vSphere”
  • Announcing: Cloud Foundry on VMware


  • Storage is becoming more complicated
  • Server side flash, object requirements, data services
  • One size does not if them all
  • SDS (software defined storage) is comprised of three elements: Policy driven control plane, virtualization of the data place (pool and abstract), virtualization of application centric data services.
  • Working to enable rich virtualized data services
  • Announcement: VSAN
  • Supports VDI and other intense workloads. GA will be in 1H 2014, with vSphere 5.5 Update 1
  • External storage: VVolumes (virtual volumes)
  • Announcing: Flash read caching


  • Most important topic of VMworld 2013
  • SDN – Software defined network
  • Announcing VMware NSX, what ESX was for compute virtualization, NSX is for network virtualization
  • VMware NSX: Think of it as a network hypervisor
  • In 2012 the number of virtual network ports exceeded the number of physical network ports
  • Brought up customers: eBAY, GE, and Citi
  • Citi has virtualized over 50% of their compute
  • Citi uses NSX for multi-tenant and virtual overlays to isolate networks
  • You must understand your application workloads and design your physical network to button down the services and QoS
  • Network virtualization is no longer a wait and see, it’s here today
  • VMware NSX will go GA in Q4 2013


  • Traditional management is complex, brittle, very rigid
  • Must be replaced with automation and better tools
  • VMware Cloud Management – Heterogeneous
  • VMware stepped up in their offerings for complete provisioning – Self-service portal environment
  • Last quarter they announced vCenter Log Insight
  • According to IDC says VMware is #1 in cloud management
  • Cloud Automation – vCloud Automation center will add OpenStack support

Hybrid Cloud

  • What is the hybrid cloud? Same networking, IP address, policies, security mechanisms; a seamless extension from on-prem to the cloud
  • No need to compromise SLAs, regulations
  • Announcing VMware vCloud Hybrid Service
  • Product release cycle is every 6 weeks
  • Road map: Disaster recovery as a service, Desktop as a service,  Cloud Foundry

Desktop as a service

  • Mobile devices, desktop PCs
  • Building the solutions for tomorrow, the VMware Horizon Suite
  • View, Mirage, Workspace
  • No compromises, no compromises for IT
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