Cisco UCS Firmware 2.1(1F) Released

Cisco UCS Continuing the bug fixes for the UCS 2.1 firmware baseline, a few days ago Cisco released their 2.1(1f) firmware for UCS servers. Unlike the last two releases that just fixed a single caveat, 2.1.(1f) sports a number of fixes. You can find the full Cisco UCS firmware release notes here. You can download the B-Series software bundles here. I won’t list all of the fixes, but here are some highlights that jumped out at me:

CSCuf35678: When VLAN port count optimization (VLAN compression) is enabled on a Cisco UCS 6200 series fabric interconnect, traffic no longer stops if an uplink port channel port goes down. Around since 2.1(1a)

CSCuf60988: Virtual fibre channel ports are no longer error disabled on one FI when the server is rebooted. Around since 2.0(4a)

CSCud60746: The system no longer runs out of memory when Call Home is enabled. Around since 2.0(2a)

CSCug93076, CSCug93221, CSCug98662: The Cisco UCS B200 M3, B22 M3, and B420 M3 blade servers no longer experience non-correctable memory errors during booting. Note: There are specific upgrade steps needed which include powering off the host. Around since 2.0(5b)

CSCug40752: The KVM console now supports Java 1.7 update 17 and Java 1.6 update 43. Around since 2.1(1a)

Of course if you have a test environment, then run the firmware through its paces before pushing into production. But given 2.1 has been out a while and just minor bug fixes have been released, it’s probably pretty safe to seriously consider jumping to 2.1 if you are still on a 2.0 or prior baseline. 2.1 proper added a host of new features.

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