San Diego VMUG: Software-Defined Datacenter Brief

Today at the San Diego VMUG Michael Ibarra, Office of the CTO (VMware), gave us a very quick brief on what is the Software Defined Datacenter. Here are a few highlights of his quick session:

  • Software is taking over the world
  • The shifting landscape: Delivery methods (cloud), devices (tablets), applications, work style (anywhere any time)
  • CIOs are on a quest to make infrastructure to just work
  • IT must compete for the company’s IT business (vice outsouring to public cloud providers)
  • Specialized software is replacing specialized hardware in the datacenter
  • Waves of change in IT: Mainframe, mini-computer, PC, networked/distributed computing, virtual/cloud computing
  • Apps Drive Platforms
  • Current datacenters are a conglomeration of past IT decisions (mainframe, Unix, RISC, etc.)
  • The price for computing power continues to drop at a rapid rate
  • Abilitity now to virtualize almost all applications
  • Ability to virtualize almost all hardware components (networking and storage)
  • Today it can take 5 days to approve and configure a VM, but in the future the software defined datacenter could get that down to three minutes
  • Future: Pools of compute, memory, storage, networking.
  • Abstract, pool, automate
  • SDDC is taking pool of resources and divvying them up appropriately, even though they share common hardware
  • Multiple┬ávirtual datacenters each with its own workloads and requirements on the same hardware (e.g. Finance, R&D)
  • Key: This has to apply to any and all applications (not just a few or most). Must work across the board (tier-1, SAP, Exchange, SQL, etc.)
  • Check out the vCloud Suite Editions
  • What about end user computing (EUC)? It’s not just about VDI these days.
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