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A few minutes ago I flipped the DNS records and setup redirection so the Derek Seaman blog is now at new domain with a fresh coat of paint. Any traffic to will now be redirected to This site is based on WordPress, which I’m really loving. I still have many tweaks to do, but thought it was in a good enough state to go live with. Categories will be drastically shortened, and I’ll add more tags.

Please update your bookmarks for my site to reflect the new URL:

Please update your RSS post feeds to:

I have redirects configured, so the transitions should be seamless. But even so I would urge RSS followers to change the URL so they aren’t dependent on redirection that may be retired in the future.

The biggest gotcha I found during the post migration from blogger was that all backslashes were stripped from the import. So code, directory paths, etc. are missing backslashes. I’m putting them back in popular posts as I have time.

Please feel free to leave feedback and report any problems with posts or links that you find. I’m excited about the new coat of paint on my content. I look forward to being able to take advantage of some cool WordPress plug-in features down the road.

Derek Seaman Blog

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