Updated HP Proliant DL and BL Drivers/Firmware

HP has released a new version (2012.08.0) of their “HP Service Pack for ProLiant”, a Sept 2012 revision. For those of you unfamiliar with their packaging changes, this is a consolidated bootable ISO that does both offline and online firmware/driver updates. It really simplifies the updating of HP firmware on ProLiant servers, and is much faster than previous methods. You can review the full release notes here. To download the HP Service Pack for ProLiant, go here.

Directly from the release notes the major changes are:

  • Added support for new HP ProLiant Gen 8 servers and options
    • HP ProLiant BL660c Gen8 Server
    • HP ProLiant DL560 Gen8 Server
    • HP ProLiant WS460c Gen8 Server (offline firmware only)
    • HP Smart Array P721m Controller
    • HP Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 560SFP+ Adapter
  • Added support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3
  • Added support for VMware vSphere 5.1
  • Updated to HP Smart Update Manager 5.2.0
  • UNC name for repositories on Microsoft Windows® systems
  • HP SUM is also delivered as an RPM package on the Linux SDR
Also hot off the presses is a major update to the HP C-class virtual connect BladeSystem. You can download the 3.70 release here. For the release notes, you can click here. As always with HP firmware updates, I would NOT run out and immediately update your production systems. I would wait a few weeks and monitor the forums to see if anyone has major issues. 
Version 3.70 of Virtual Connect contains support for the following enhancements:
  • Support for new hardware:
    • HP ProLiant BL660c Gen8 Server series
    • HP ProLiant WS460c Gen8 Workstation series
    • HP Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D Module
    • HP 7m C-series Active Copper SFP+ cables (QK701A)
    • HP 10m C-series Active Copper SFP+ cables (QK702A)
    • Cisco 7m copper active Twinax cables (SFP-H10GB-ACU7M)
    • Cisco 10m copper active Twinax cables (SFP-H10GB-ACU10M)
  • Virtual Connect Direct-Attach Fibre Channel for HP P10000 3PAR Storage Systems, HP 3PAR T-Class and F-Class Storage Systems
  • Manageability enhancements:
    • VCM GUI access to telemetry information
    • Advanced telemetry and statistics for Link Aggregation Groups and FlexNICs
    • GUI access to the FC Port Statistics for HP FlexFabric 10Gb/24-port Modules
    • Improvements to the Statistics Throughout display and data collection
    • Display of factory default MACs and WWNs in server profiles
    • Added an FC/FCoE “Connect To” field to help identify how server ports are connected to the uplink ports
    • LLDP enhancements to more easily identify VC Ethernet modules on the network
    • Improvements to the display of the MAC Address table to show the network name and VLAN ID where the MAC address was learned, as well as display of the LAG membership table
  • VCM GUI/CLI task progress activity indicator for predefined VCM operations
  • Security enhancements:
    • Support for 2048 bit SSL certificates and configurable SSL-CSR
    • Activity logging improvements for TACACS+ accounting
    • Option to disable local account access when LDAP, RADIUS, or TACACS+ authentication is enabled
    • Increased the default VCM local user account minimum required password length
    • SNMP access security to prevent access from unauthorized management station
  • SmartLink failover improvements
  • IGMP “NoFlood” option when IGMP snooping is enabled
  • Browser support:
    • Internet Explorer 8 and 9
    • Firefox 10 and 11
  • Firmware upgrade rollback from a previous firmware upgrade without domain deletion
There are also a number of bug fixes, but you can peruse the release notes for all of those gory details.
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October 9, 2014 5:30 am

Hi Derek, may I know what is the recommended way or sequence to safely perform HP Blade Server infrastructure firmware updates without causing downtime or configuration lost ?