Cisco UCS Firmware 2.0(3c) Released

If you have the pleasure of working with a Cisco UCS server farm, you know ease of which you can upgrade firmware. A few days ago Cisco released the 2.0(3c) version of their UCS software. This is a minor release which fixes a few specific bugs. If you won’t run into the affected issues, then it’s probably a release you can skip. A major new release is due out later this year, so stay tuned for that. You can find the full release notes here. Prior releases have a number of bug fixes, so it’s worth reviewing what code base you are currently running and see if any subsequent releases fix bugs you might run into.

The following caveats are resolved in the 2.0(3c) release:
  • During reboot, Samsung 32GB LRDIMM will no longer display voltage errors on B200 M3. (CSCub08343)
  • You will no longer see a mismatch between UCSM Part number and mctools. (CSCtz65329)
  • The FI will no longer reboot due to ‘cdp hap reset’. (CSCub32324)
  • FCoE VLANID Change will no longer drop all Storage Paths. (CSCub32386)
  • You will no longer see random errors such as thermal-problem, performance-problem, and equipment-degraded false alarm. (CSCua9670)
  • You will no longer see any transient thermal or fan problems. (CSCtx52556)
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