TechEd 2012 Day 2 Keynote

Antoine Leblond, CVP, Windows Web Services

This keynote focused solely on Windows 8 and the new UI, Metro. I’m starting to warm up to Metro, but I’m still skeptical at its acceptance in the enterprise on non-touch devices. If you want to watch the presention for yourself, you can watch the video here.

  • Windows 7 was the fastest selling MS OS in history. 600 million licenses.
  • Designing for a changing world: Mobility, Touch, Connectivity, Content, People, Home & enterprise
  • In 2013 tablets will outsell PCs
  • In the world of devices running batteries, you want to save every microwatt possible. Office was designed to do a lot in the background, but that’s bad in a world of battery powered devices.
  • Touch screens are coming to PCs and soon. Radical change to how you interact with your PC
  • Connectivity: WiFi everywhere, mobile broadband
  • Content: Cloud storage, youtube, flickr, content is everywhere
  • PCs are now a first class human interaction tool
  • “Windows reimagined” Beautiful, fast, fluid user experience. Windows 8 is a generational change in Windows
  • “Bold and new, without compromise”
    • Touch  and mouse and keyboard
    • New Windows 8 apps and desktop apps
    • Home and enterprise
  • Natural way you hold a tablet is with your thumbs on the left and right bezels. So there are swipe gestures for the left and right edges of the screen (e.g. switching between apps, open start menu, etc.)
  •  Demoed a laptop with a touchpad that is gesture aware. Swipe, scroll, etc. Expect new devices to have gesture aware touchpads.
  • Windows 8 includes Hyper-V client
  • Demod running Windows 8 on a USB key with Bitlocker, so you can boot any PC with a corporate sanctioned image and access corporate resources. Shown on an old PC that supports USB booting.
  • Windows 8 Arm applications: Install apps from the MS app store, use Remote Desktop, or install your own Metro apps on the tablet.
  • ARM applications must be digitally signed and must pass the Windows quality check
  • All Windows ARM tablets will be fully encrypted with BitLocker and feature trusted boot and execution
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