HP releases ProLiant Gen8 details

Last week there was a leak regarding HP ProLiant Gen8 servers, but today the entire cat is officially out of the bag. The cat really should be a tiger, the changes are so significant. G7 servers were fairly incremental improvements over G6, with only a few minor changes. Gen8 appears to me to be the biggest overhaul of the ProLiant server line in 10 years. They claim over 150 design innovations. Features include:

  • Agentless server monitoring (finally!)
  • Optimized for SSD storage (over 500K IOPS per server)
  • Lower power usage ~10%
  • 66% faster time to problem resolution
  • Tool-less design for most parts
  • Locking front covers (why did it take them so long to copy Dell?)
  • HP Insight Online, which is a cloud based service for ProLiant monitoring 
  • New drive carriers with big green status lights
  • HP Smart SSD wear Gauge
  • Boot to video in just three seconds (no more blank screen for minutes white booting!)
  • Up to 50 percent more drives per server
  • Up to 50 percent more memory capacity
  • Reduced RAID re-build times (they cite 42 days to 5 hours for one client with a huge array)
  • Real-time application tuning and performance reporting
  • HP Active Health monitors 1,600 system parameters and 100 percent of configuration changes
  • Export Active Health data in 3-4 minutes to submit to HP professional support services
  • HP Intelligent provisioning takes strengths from HP SmartStart, Smart Update Manager and ProLiant Support packs and puts them on the system board. Firmware, drivers and tools are pre-loaded with no CDs needed.
  • Smart Drive carrier proactively warns you if you try and pull the wrong drive from an array, resulting in data loss.
  • HP Smart Socket guide, allows you to add processors without pending pins.
  • HP SmartMemory that tracks errors, identify trends, and proactive resolves issues
  • And a lot more!

Check out their well done web site complete with videos and PDFs here.

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