VSP2884: vSphere 5.0 Performance enhancements

This session covered some of the major performance enhancements in vSphere 5.0. The presenter flew through the slides at 100 MPH and didn’t spend much time on the bullets so I wasn’t able to capture all of the highlights. But here’s what I did capture:

  • 32-way vCPUs with 92-97% of native performance
  • CPU scheduler improvements for up to 30% performance increase
  • vNUMA for NUMA aware applications (mostly for HPC). Turned off for < 8way VMs, turned on for 8-way or greater VMs.
  • vCenter can now process double the number of concurrent operations
  • 9x faster HA reconfiguration time
  • 60% more VMs failover in the same time period with the new HA engine
  • NetIOC – True QoS tagging at the MAC layer and user defined network pools
  • Splitrxmode can reduce packet loss dramatically under specific circumstances (30K packets per second, more than 24 VMs on a host)
  • TCP/IP optimizations that boost iSCSI performance
  • Netflow5 support in the dVS
  • Multi-NIC vMotion enablement
  • Storage migration with write mirroring
  • Host cache – SSDs for swap. Memory hierarchy is: Transparent page sharing, ballooning, compression, then host cache.
    • 30% performance improvement over spinning disk swap
  • Storage is the root cause for most virtualization performance problems. !!!
  • (Note, presenter covered many new storage enhancements that I wrote about in previous blogs so I stopped taking notes.)
  • Software FCoE initiator has nearly the same performance as traditional FC HBAs
  • An example vMotion improvement for a 28GB Exchange 2010 VM was from 71 seconds on 4.1 to 47 seconds on 5.0 using 10GbE.
  • VDI workload denisty has also been increased more than 25%

There was a whole bunch of other tidbits that I just couldn’t write down fast enough, but the list above is a good start. vSphere 5.0 has over 200 new features, so clear this list is far from complete.

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