VMworld 2011 Day Two Keynote

This morning I attended the keynote session by Dr. Stephen Herrod, the VMware CTO. Key points during his presentation were:

  • It (hypervisors) should just work and work well.
  • IT industry is moving away from servers to services and toward people, not devices.
  • DUH: Devices, Universal access, High expectations
  • We are moving towards the connected enterprise (PC, mobile, tablets, etc.)
  • Simplify the existing datacenter, extract data from silos, assign policies to the data
  • Solutions to simplify include: VDI (View), ThinApp Catalog, Data services (Project Octopus)
  • Solutions to manage: Project Horizon (universal broker)
  • Solutions to connect: View 5, Horizon Mobile (phone hypervisor), Project Octopus, AppBlast
  • ThinApp Factory –  Supports ThinApp, XenApp, RDS and I saw mentioned elsewhere here at the conference App-V support.
  • ThinApp factory can automate the software package creation/patching process. Watch out App-v!
  • Horizon App portal – VMware’s version of the App store
  • Project Octopus – Dropbox for the enterprise. PC, mobile phones, tablets, etc. with policy controls.
  • AppBlast – Transforms thick applications such as Office into HTML5 with no browser plug-in. Think XenApp, but different under the covers.
  • View 5 fully supports Aero Glass and Unified communications
  • VMware bought SocialCast, which is similar to MS Lync….in house collaboration, chat, video.
  • vSphere 5.0 has over 200 new features, was delivered on time and feature complete (a first)
  • VMware Go is for SMBs to help quickly migrate servers to ESXi and manage from a browser
  • Major storage enhancements in vSphere 5.0 – Pooling, automated placement, DRS
  • VXLAN – New spec submitted to IETF to encapsulate L2 packets into L3 packets for L2 mobility across the WAN. Cisco and other partners are supporting the proposed spec. One of the final pieces for full network virtualization. Can enable scenarios such as DR that don’t require re-IPing VMs when they move.
  • A VM’s network identity should not be tied to its physical location.
  • vShield App will support DLP
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