VMware General Session, Paul Martiz.

This afternoon was a keynote general session by Paul Martiz, the CEO of VMware. Some of the highlights from this session are:

  1. As of 2010 50% of all workloads are now virtualized.
  2. 20 million VMs run on vSphere. 68,000 VCPs.
  3. In 2014 80% of all internet connected devices will NOT be Windows PCs.
  4. VMware spent 1 million engineering hours and 2 million QA hours on vSphere 5.0. Paul thinks the hypervisor should be like server hardware…highly reliable, you turn it on and forget about it. It should just work.
  5. Shipping shortly will be vCloud director 1.5, vShield Security 5.0, vCenter Operations 1.0, SRM 5.0 and vSphere 5.0 (shipping today).
  6. Paul stated they want to get to a common schedule and tested suite for the above products. Starting with the 5.1 release in 2012, all products will be v5.1 and GA at the same time.
  7. VMware as won some vCloud datacenter deals including Bluelock, CSC, Terremark, Verizon and Dell.
  8. vFabric will expand to Gemfire and SQLfire.
  9. View 5.0 has greatly increased high-latency and low-bandwidth performance, and supports real-time VoIP/Unified communications applications.
  10. Project horizon will provision apps to people, not devices and will support multiple application delivery methods such as ThinApp and App-V.
  11. Coming in the future will be Android phones that are virtualized so you can run two Android instances side-by-side (corporate and person), within the same physical phone.

Nothing earth shattering, but it was very good to hear about the common release schedule and versioning starting with 5.1. VMware is on a yearly cadence of releases, and that seems to be continuing. Much like the Intel ‘tick tock’, where there is a major release followed by a minor point release.

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