SPO3990: Best Practices for Storage Tiering and Replication

This session was a bit higher level and more common sense tips, so I split after 30 minutes and went to another session. The speakers had 8 best practice tips, and both of them were from Dell/Compellent. So they had a few minutes sales pitch before they started the meat of the session. Highlights included:

  • Select an array built for virtualization
    • Dynamic storage with wide striping
    • Ability to change RAID levels on the fly, extend LUNs
    • Rely on metadata to intelligently manage storage
  • Let tiered storage do the heavy lifting
    • Sub-LUN data tiering
    • vSphere 5.0 storage DRS is not sub-LUN tiering aware so it may not behave as expected when measuring latency
  • Use thin provisioning on the array and with VMDKs
    • I would actually disagree here and say use array-based thin provisioning and EZT VMDKs if your array supports VAAI, zero detect and thin provisioning.
  • Leverage storage snapshots
    • Protect your data
    • Deploy new VMs (who would really do this?) by cloning a LUN then running sysprep on the cloned VMs. Really?!?

After those four I lost interest and ran over to another session….SRM 5.0 What’s New.

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