Outlook in a VDI environment? Think Exchange 2010!

When migrating towards a VDI environment you really have to re-think your entire architecture. Servers, hypervisor, storage, application delivery, network, and everything in between. Simple things like anti-virus can wreck havoc and cause massive I/O storms that bring your VDI environment to its knees. One aspect that I hadn’t thought about was Outlook performance with VDI. You may think, so what? What’s different about using Outlook with VDI? A LOT!

I came across this great blog post by Kraft Kennedy which VDI architects really need to review if your organization uses Outlook and Microsoft Exchange. His summary really hits home:

“If you’re considering VDI and are concerned about Outlook performance, I’d strongly recommend moving to Exchange 2010. Many of the problems are addressed in Exchange 2010 and it can deliver a good Outlook experience for all VDI users.”

Still running Exchange 2003 or 2007 and moving full steam towards VDI? Start planning your Exchange 2010 migration now!

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