New HP ESXi CIM Providers

For those of you using ESXi 4.0 on HP servers, be sure to check out their new CIM providers. The CIM providers communicate hardware health status to the ESXi host and in turn, to vCenter. You can then configure alerts in vCenter to warn you of hardware health problems.

The new CIM providers are enhanced with:

– SAS Provider
– Power Microcontrollers in G5/G6 servers firmware version reporting
– Consolidated status policy
– Shutdown indications
– Automatic Server Recovery Reboot indications
– Power meter
– 1200 Watt Power Supply Registers
– Supports dual domain feature on Smart Array E500, Smart Array P400/400i,Smart Array P800
– Supports the Erasing status feature on Smart Array P410i, Smart Array P411, Smart Array P410, Smart Array P212 , Smart Array P812
– Storage temperature sensors
– IML RecordLog Provider

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