Isolate your HP BladeSystem Management traffic with VLANs

A few weeks ago HP released a major update to their onboard administrator, the brains behind the HP C-Class chassis. Previously all of the iLOs (lights-out remote management processor) and all of the interconnect modules needed to be on the same VLAN. If a single chassis had both test/dev and production environments, or two different security boundaries, you ran into problems.

With v3.00 of the OnBoard Administrator, you can now individually set the VLAN ID for each and every iLO and interconnect. The trick is to configure your upstream switch for trunking into the OnBoard Admin. You can now have test/dev and production servers in the same enclosure, and assign iLOs to their proper VLAN. Seems like a simple concept, but it’s a brand new feature.

You can download the OA v3.00 firmware here.

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