3PAR Disk Array Future Enhancements

There’s an interesting article at the Channel Register about some comments the 3PAR CEO has made about possible future enhancements to their storage arrays. The project I support recently acquired a 3PAR T400 storage array and so far we are quite pleased with the ease of self-installation and the attractive price when compared to the HDS USP, EMC Symmetrix, or IBM DS8100 series of arrays.

Highlights from the article include:
-Keeping thin provisioned volumes thin by letting the OS communicate with the array to release deleted blocks.
– Support SSDs and automatically move data between various tiers of storage to optimize cost and performance.
– Provide QoS for different applications
– Automatic LUN movement between data tiers, followed by sub-LUN level data movement

They will have a major new OS release in the next month or two, so we will see how many of these features make it out this year and which get pushed to next year.

You can check out the full article here.

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