NxTOP Client hypervisor is here!

In a previous blog I mentioned that VMware is working on a client hypervisor called the Client Virtualization Platform (CVP). That product is not yet released, but I found another vendor (NxTop) on the showroom floor which IS shipping a client hypervisor TODAY. In fact, they have numerous DoD customers like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Air Force, and others. Apparently the Air Force is really liking the solution.

The company is called Virtual Computer and is a new company, not even two years old. Their product is called NxTop and addresses the full end point computing problem of OS deployment, policy control of devices, storing and syncing user data, OS patch management, and data encryption.

Today they support wireless, USB devices, smart cards, and many other devices. Unlike VMware’s CVP, the hardware does NOT need Intel vPro, allowing it to run on a wider range of hardware. They don’t support 3D graphics today, but in Q1 of 2010 they plan to add full 3D support so you can use Aero Glass or other graphical intensive applications. They claim organizations can install NxTop and be running in less than an hour.

Check them out if you are in the market for a client hypervisor to make managing your desktop environment easier and more securely.

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