Mark your calendar for July 13, 2009!

Many sources are citing July 13, 2009 as the RTM date for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2. Even more exciting is that TechNet, MSDN, and enterprise customers will likely get access to the RTM code that day or shortly after. So no need to wait until October 22 to get your hands on the final code, assuming you have access via one of the above means.

Beta 1 was so stable on my home PC, that I didn’t upgrade to RC1 until last week. Now a few weeks later I’ll have to reload but for the last time. I’ve never had a blue screen with Windows 7, although I have encountered a few other quirks over the past seven months.

If you’ve missed the announcement, you can pre-order Windows 7 home premium upgrade for $50 for the next few days before the price bounces back up full retail which is $119. Amazon and many other outlets are participating in the Microsoft pre-order special. But hurry as the deal will expire by July 11th, if not sooner.

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