New Exchange 2010 Features

Here’s a short list of some of the new features in Exchange 2010. This is certainly not a comprehensive list, but gives you a flavor of the many enhancements.

  1. Built-in e-mail archiving, with full OWA and fat client access.
  2. Support for 10+GB mailboxes
  3. Shows OCS contacts and can send basic IMs via OWA
  4. Text preview of voicemail messages
  5. Create your own personal auto attendant and configure complex routing rules.
  6. Auto-complete cache is now server based so it works from OWA, fat clients and mobile devices.
  7. Federated calendaring for external business partners.
  8. No more SCC, SCR, SCC, LCR, a new single HA method that supports 16 copies of each database called DAG (Database availability group).
  9. Mailbox role can now host all other Exchange roles (except UM).
  10. Users remain online during mailbox moves.
  11. Role-based administration: Define a role, scope the role, assign users to the role.
  12. Self-service options for creating/managing DLs, personal data, etc.
  13. 70% reduction in IOPS from Exchange 2007.
  14. Transport based rules for automatically applying RMS policies to e-mail.
  15. Full OWA premium experience with Firefox and Safari
  16. Ignore e-mail threads so you never see all the future replies.
  17. Mail tool tips in Outlook 2010 notifies you before a message is sent of issues (OOF, quotas, max message size, etc.).
  18. Apply RMS policies to voicemail messages.
  19. Update the mobile Outlook client over the air.
  20. Can restore corrupt database store pages from other HA instances of the database.
  21. Certificate generation wizard in the EMC! No more command line certificate generation.
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