Fixed: IE8 slow on Windows 7

I’ve been truly enjoying Windows 7 for past several weeks, and think it kicks Vista’s butt. However, for some reason IE8 was slow on Windows 7,┬áso much so I was pulling out my hair. By slow I mean 30 – 90 seconds for a new tab to appear.

I disabled virtually all of my plug-ins but it was still slow. Since it was really hindering my web surfing I figured I’d disable the last plug-in that was still enabled: Java Runtime 6 update 11. To my surprise IE 8 is now as responsive as the rest of Windows 7….faster than Vista!

Interestingly I intalled JRE6 Update 11 on my new laptop that I loaded with Windows 7 x64 and so far it hasn’t slowed down. So, I don’t know why IE8 on my desktop was slower than Vista on a bad day (every day?) but de-installing Java fixed it.

So if IE8 is performing horribly slowly for you, disable ALL plug-ins and slowly enable then until you find which one is dragging your system down.

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