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VCDX5-DCVWith all of the recent newly minted VCDXs I thought I would start compiling a list of resources for those aspiring to become a VMware VCDX. This will be a living page, which hopefully will have links added as people make me aware of new content on the web.

There’s always a flurry of activity after defenses when newly minted VCDXs blog about their experiences. I was no exception to that rule, when I was minted VCDX #125. If you know of VCDX content that I don’t have links to here, please leave a comment to this post and I’ll add the links as I have time. Many of the pages below have additional links on them, so there’s a wealth of information here at your fingertips.

You can easily bookmark this permalink: Also remember to Tweet John Arrasjid (@vcdx001) if you will be defending and want to be paired up with a mentor. The mentorship program is brand new, and a huge value add. Be sure to take advantage of it if you will be defending. If you are working your way towards a VCDX, you must get on Twitter. Great way to find people, get answers, learn about study groups, etc. Use the hashtag #VCDX.


VCDX Boot Camp: Preparing for the VCDX Panel Defense
Storage Implementation in vSphere 5.0
Networking for VMware Administrators
vSphere 5.1 Clustering Deepdive
VMware vSphere 5 Clustering Technical Deepdive
Mastering VMware vSphere 5.5 
VMware vSphere Design
Essential VSAN
Disaster Recovery using VMware vSphere Replication and SRM
VMware vSphere 5.x Datacenter Design Cookbook <<New
Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware <<New
VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide

Official Certification Home Pages

VCDX-Datacenter Virtualization
VCDX-Network Virtualization


VMware vSphere Design Workshop
VMware Certified Design Expert Fast Track <<New


7 VMware VCDX Prep Videos
Few dozen VMware Certification Pro Videos
How to become a VCDX
VCDX Program, John Arrasjid
VMworld 2013: Software Defined Storage the VCDX Way
YouTube Videos
Artur Krzywdzinski, VCDX #77: VCDX Video and Presentation Online

VCDX Journey Stories

Derek Seaman, VCDX #125: VCDX in 180 Days
Josh Coen, VCDX #129: My VCDX Journey
Hersey Cartwright VCDX #128: VCDX CXXVIII (#128)
Harsha Hosur, VCDX #135: My VCDX Journey (and stumbles along the way)
Joe Clarke, VCDX #138: How the path to VCDX will change you 
Niran Even-Chen, VCDX #142: To VCDX with a fictitious design
James Charter, VCDX #106: A VCDX Journey
Josh Odgers, VCDX #83: My VCDX Journey
Ray Heffer, VCDX #122: Achievement Unlocked: The tale of Double VCDX Certifications
Craig Kilborn: VCDX Defense – A Reality
Brad Christian: Running a VCDX Study Group and some lessons learned
Chris Kranz, VCDX #47: VCDX Journey
Simon Long, VCDX #105: Double VCDX
Samir Roshan, VCDX #124: The Path Less Traveled: My VCDX Experience
Tom Fojta, VCDX #99: My Journey to VCDX-Cloud
Jason Nash, VCDX #49: My VCDX Defense..or how I flew to San Francisco to Choke
Jason Nash, VCDX #49: Double VCDX and the new VCDX-NV
Frank Denneman, VCDX #029: VCDX Number 029
Joep Piscaer, VCDX #101: VCDX 101
Hugo Phan, VCDX: My VCDX Journey
Chris Wahl, VCDX #104: Go Go Gadget VCDX
Chris Wahl, VCDX #104: Double VCDX – What does it all mean?
Gregg Robertson: Extra VCDX Experience Achievement Unlocked
Magnus Andersson, VCDX #56: VCDX
Sunny Dua: Part 1 : VCDX – The Saga Of The Lost Title : The Design 
Andrew Brydon, VCDX #139: VCDX Presentation

VCDX Study Content

Rene Van Den Bedem, VCDX #133:  VCDX Prep Series (must read)
Josh Odgers, VCDX #83: Architecture Decisions
Michael Webster, VCDX #66: VCDX Application built on a foundation of beta software not good strategy for success 
Michael Webster, VCDX #66: VCDX Candidate Tips from Down Under Part 1
Michael Webster, VCDX #66: My Recommendations for VCDX Candidates
Paul Meehan, VCDX Constraint: LBT
Duncan Epping, VCDX #007: VCDX Tips from VCDX001 John Arrasjid
PlanetVM: VCDX Advice from VCDX001
Chris Colotti, VCDX #37: VCDX Defense Tips
Chris Wahl, VCDX #104: Using Sphere Elimination for Troubleshooting
Frank Denneman, VCDX #029: VCDX Tip: The Application Form
Duncan Epping, VCDX #007: 5 Tips for preparing for your VCDX Defense
Duncan Epping, VCDX #007: Cloud Infrastructure Case Study (Excellent)
Craig Kilborn: VCDX Paying it Forward
Tim Antonowicz, VCDX#112: VCDX Preparation Q&A
Matt Vandenbeld VCDX#107: VCDX Presentation Advice
VMware Cloud Architecture ToolKit (vCAT)
VCDX vBrownBag series
Gregg Robertson: VCDX Prep Round 2 (massive list of links)
Rectify your VCDX Design Issues in Defense Presentation
Handling sub-optimal design decisions before the VCDX Defense
Incorporating Business Requirements into your VCDX Presentation
Artur Krzywdzinski, VCDX #77:  Most Common Errors in VCDX Applications

Other Resources

VCDX By the Numbers
vBrownBag EMEA VCDX Prep Special
vBrownBag Brian Suhr VCDX Journey
VCDX Spotlight Series
VMware VCDX Community
Google+ VCAP/VCDX Forum
Common VMware Certification Questions Answered
VCDX Timer
Meet the VMware Certified Design Experts (Official Directory)
What is the value of a VCDX to the VMware Ecosystem Partner?
FAQ for Unsuccessful VCDX Candidates
It takes a village to achieve VCDX Certification
Applying VCDX Principles for a better VMware Architecture and Operations
How Long does it take to become a VCDX?
VMware Certification Links
2014 VCDX Defense Schedule
How to Plan a VMware VCDX Mock Defense Panel
Infrastructure Architect and VCDX Enablement

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