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Top macOS App picks (mid-2023)

I've recently run across a few (new to me) great macOS apps that really enhanced my productivity. This post covers ALL of my top macOS apps, including new additions such as BetterDisplay, Warp, Raycast, Dropover, Rectangle, and more. Each of these apps are amazing in their own way.One aspect of...

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Top macOS App picks for 2023

As 2023 is soon upon us, I wanted to give a shout out to what I think are the top macOS apps going into the new year. One of the reasons why I'm a fairly recent Windows to Mac convert (about 3 years ago) is the quality of the ecosystem...

My Top macOS App picks for 2021

My Top macOS App picks for 2021

Update: Dec 12, 2021: I discovered a new must-have app called OpenIn. I've added it to the list below.--Very recently I purchased a new Mac, a 14" M1 Pro running Monterey. I did a clean install of all my apps and data, and thought it would be a good time...

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