Category: VMworld 2012

VMworld 2012: Virtualizing SQL Server 2012 APP-BCA1516

Speakers: Michael Cory, Jeff SzastakThis session was by far the best this week! 160 slides in 60 minutes, packed to the gills with actionable information on properly virtualizing your SQL server. In short, there's no reason why you can't virtualize SQL and have it meet business performance requirements. 80% of SQL performance...

VMworld 2012: vSphere Performance Best Practices INF-VSP1800

Speaker: Pete BooneThis session covered various aspects of a virtualized infrastructure that need to be looked at when optimizing performance. The basic four food groups are memory, CPU, network, and storage. Benchmarking and Tools Consistent and reproducible results Important to have a baseline of acceptable performance Determine baseline of performance...

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