VMworld 2017: VMware Cloud on AWS: Storage

Session: STO1980BU, Ben Meadocroft, Matt Amdur

Any Cloud, Any Application, Any Device

VMware Cloud on AWS

  • SDDC running on AWS bare-metal
  • Sold, operated and supported by VMware
  • Support for containers and VMs
  • Global AWS footprint and availability

Physical host config:

Based on i3p.16xlarge
2 sockets
8x 1.788 NVMe GB – encryption with keys stored in AWS
36 cores per host
Raw capacity tier of 10TB per node
2 disk groups per host
No dedupe/compression
No vSAN encryption – uses HW encryption

Cluster config:
Cluster size of 4-16 nodes
Each cluster has 1 vCenter
vSAN now has 2 datastores – 1 for VMware only, 1 for customer only

Software upgrades of the cluster:
New host is provisioned and added to the cluster – so no HA capacity is lost
Software upgraded in a rolling fashion
After all software is upgraded, the ‘new’ host is removed
This is all done by VMware during customer scheduled maintenance windows

Cluster Failure remediation:
Host fails or problem identified
New host added to cluster (10 min)
Previous hosts evacuated from cluster
This process is all automated and transparent to the customer

Increase effective capacity from 5.7TB per host (w/ RAID5 ECX)
Enable dedupe/compression
Stretch vSAN clustering for increased data resiliency
Provide stretched networking for customer workloads
Nested fault domains – RAID-1 across AZ, RAID-5 within AZ
Disaster recovery on AWS

VM backup – VADP based backups
Disaster recovery – Third party VAIO-based DR
External storage access – In-guest access to cloud storage

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