Released: Nutanix AOS 4.7.5 and other tools

Nutanix has released an updated version of the AOS 4.7 family, which is now bumped up to AOS 4.7.5  If you have already upgraded to AOS 5.0.x, which came out earlier this year, you can ignore this post. Those of you with Nutanix support portal access can download the 4.7.5 release notes here. Since this is a minor release, it’s mostly bug fixes and minor new features. One new feature that is noteworthy, is a new 1-click SATA-DOM firmware upgrade feature for Nutanix NX and Dell XC platforms with hypervisors other than Hyper-V. Nutanix takes security extremely seriously, and as such, this update addresses a variety of CVEs. So even if the new features or other bug fixes don’t seem all that interesting, personally I would recommend the upgrade due to the security patches.

In addition to AOS 4.7.5, minor revs to related products are out as well:

  • Prism Central 4.7.5 can be downloaded here. The Prism Central release notes are available here and the Upgrade Guide is available here.
  • Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC) is now at version It can be downloaded here and the release notes can be found here.
  • Foundation 3.7, which is the Nutanix Cluster deployment tool, is now out. Download Foundation 3.7 here and read the release notes here.
  • AHV version 20160601.50 which can be downloaded here and the upgrade instructions can be found here.

Nutanix customers really enjoy the 1-click upgrade for many components, so when we release a new batch like this, it takes minimal time to update the environment. And no VM downtime is required, which makes scheduling maintenance windows easier.

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