VMworld 2015: Monday Keynote

VMware President Carl Eschenbach

  • Record attendance at VMworld. More than 23,000
  • 20 people have been to all 20 VMworlds (21 including Carl)
  • Theme: Ready for Any
  • Challenges: Innovation, productivity, security, cost, agility
  • Run – Run a true hybrid cloud platform
  • Built – Build and embrace containers
  • Deliver – Any app on any device with industry leading EUC
  • Secure – Ready to accelerate from datacenter to device
  • One Cloud – Seamless integration between private and public cloud(s)
  • Unified hybrid cloud – Value to IT and customer. Automate delivery of apps.
  • Any time anywhere any device for your apps
  • VMware brings on DirecTV CIO on stage to talk about their hybrid cloud
  • DirecTV uses NSX for network virtualization


  • Disaster Recovery
  • SRM will be a cloud offering
  • Deploying mobile apps can be complicated
  • Mobile back end as a service
  • Rapid evolution in how you deploy applications (hybrid apps)

Raghu Raghuram

  • The rise of the hybrid application (cloud + on-prem)
  • Unified hybrid cloud is the way of the future
  • Areas of investment: Simplify the hybrid cloud with the SDDC; Reach millions of users

Yanbing Li

  • Announcing: EVO SDDC
  • Built on a scale out architecture
  • Zero to SDDC in 2 hours
  • vRealize Suite, NSX 6.2, VSAN 6.1
  • Scale out: 1K VMs, 2K VDI, 2M IOPS per rack
  • New concept: workload domain
  • VMware announces hybrid network services
  • Demos vMotion from on-prem to vCloud air with zero downtime

Virtustream CEO comes on stage

  • Enterprise cloud service
  • Micro VM is 200 MHz, 768MB RAM, 40 IOPS, 2 Mb/s bandwidth
  • Performance, automation, security

Ray O’Ferrel and Kit Colbert

  • Why containers?
  • Challenges with containers: IT has partial visibility into containers and limited security
  • vSphere integrated containers announcement
  • Shows a demo
  • Uses resource pools under the covers
  • Shows all containers in the vSphere web client
  • One container per VM. Photon OS: 25MB footprint, instant clone, jeVM
  • VMware photon platform: API first, DevOps type of design. Built and optimized for cloud native apps.


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