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IBM launches dVS for vSphere 5.0

So this is an interesting announcement….I would not have guessed that IBM would market a distributed virtual switch for the vSphere 5.0 platform. When I think of networking gear IBM is not a brand that springs to mind. They did acquire BNT a little while back, but that was blade server focused. Expensive servers, storage, and mainframes yes….networking gear, no. According to the press release the IBM® System Networking Distributed Virtual Switch 5000V features:

  • Manageability – Telnet, SSH, SNMP, TACACS+, RADIUS, Industry Standard CLI
  • Advanced networking features – L2-L4 ACLs, Static and Dynamic port aggregation, PVLAN, QoS, EVB (IEEE 802.1Qbg)
  • Network troubleshooting – SPAN, ERSPAN, sFlow, Syslog, VM network statistics

It is not surprisingly licensed on a per-socket basis. No word on price, but availability is February 23, 2012. Should be interesting to see some competition for the Cisco Nexus 1000v. You can read the full spec sheet here.

HP releases ProLiant Gen8 details

Last week there was a leak regarding HP ProLiant Gen8 servers, but today the entire cat is officially out of the bag. The cat really should be a tiger, the changes are so significant. G7 servers were fairly incremental improvements over G6, with only a few minor changes. Gen8 appears to me to be the biggest overhaul of the ProLiant server line in 10 years. They claim over 150 design innovations. Features include:

  • Agentless server monitoring (finally!)
  • Optimized for SSD storage (over 500K IOPS per server)
  • Lower power usage ~10%
  • 66% faster time to problem resolution
  • Tool-less design for most parts
  • Locking front covers (why did it take them so long to copy Dell?)
  • HP Insight Online, which is a cloud based service for ProLiant monitoring 
  • New drive carriers with big green status lights
  • HP Smart SSD wear Gauge
  • Boot to video in just three seconds (no more blank screen for minutes white booting!)
  • Up to 50 percent more drives per server
  • Up to 50 percent more memory capacity
  • Reduced RAID re-build times (they cite 42 days to 5 hours for one client with a huge array)
  • Real-time application tuning and performance reporting
  • HP Active Health monitors 1,600 system parameters and 100 percent of configuration changes
  • Export Active Health data in 3-4 minutes to submit to HP professional support services
  • HP Intelligent provisioning takes strengths from HP SmartStart, Smart Update Manager and ProLiant Support packs and puts them on the system board. Firmware, drivers and tools are pre-loaded with no CDs needed.
  • Smart Drive carrier proactively warns you if you try and pull the wrong drive from an array, resulting in data loss.
  • HP Smart Socket guide, allows you to add processors without pending pins.
  • HP SmartMemory that tracks errors, identify trends, and proactive resolves issues
  • And a lot more!

Check out their well done web site complete with videos and PDFs here.