vCenter 5.1 Installation Guides

After seeing the difficulty that users are having installing vSphere 5.1, I thought I would put together a consolidated listing of blog posts I’ve written on the subject, plus a few links to key VMware sites. There is no one perfect vCenter 5.1 installation guide as every environment is different, and requires some thought before just delving into the install.

The most popular resource is the 15 part vCenter 5.1 installation guide. It is a very detailed step-by-step process with lots of screenshots that make the install process more logical and process oriented than just trying to wing it on your own. VMware has been improving their KB articles over time, so it’s certainly worthwhile to check out their documentation as well (links below).

The 15-part install series has gotten hundreds of comments, many of which have good information about problems people have encountered and the workarounds. So don’t just skip over the comments, as it might help you solve an install problem or avoid one to begin with.

vCenter 5.1 Installation Guide

Part 1 (SSO Service)
Part 2 (Create vCenter SSL Certificate)
Part 3 (Install SSO Service SSL Certificate)
Part 4 (Install Inventory Service)
Part 5 (Install Inventory Service SSL Certificate)
Part 6 (Create vCenter and VUM Databases)
Part 7 (Install vCenter Server)
Part 8 (Install Web Client)
Part 9 (Optional SSO Configuration)
Part 10 (Create VUM DSN)
Part 11 (Install VUM)
Part 12 (VUM SSL Configuration)
Part 13 (VUM Configuration)
Part 14 (Web Client and Log Browser SSL)
Part 15 (ESXi Host SSL Certificate)

More vSphere 5.1 How-To’s

vCenter 5.1 Installation: SSL Certificate Pre-Staging Script
Create VMware Microsoft CA certificate template

Using the VMware vCenter Certificate Automation Tool v1.0

Part 1 (Pre-reqs and Config)
Part 2 (SSO and Inventory)
Part 3 (vCenter and Orchestrator)
Part 4 (Web client and Log Browser)

VMware Links

vSphere 5.1 Documentation
Installing vCenter Server 5.1 Best Practices
Implementing CA signed SSL Certificates with vSphere 5.1

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