VMworld: PowerCLI What’s New

Session: SER2529BU Alan Renouf

PowerCLI Overview
-623 cmdlets and counting
-PowerCLI is 10 years old
-Name change – VMware PowerCLI
-Move-VM now includes cross vCenter vMotion
-Automate everything with VSAN
-Independent disk management cmdlets – new-vdisk, get-vdisk, copy-vdisk, move-vdisk
-VVOL replication cmdlets
-New Horizon View module
-SPBM cmdlets
-More inventory parameters
-DRS cluster groups and VM/host rule cmdlets

Install: install-module VMware.PowerCLI

Release Frequency
-Less features, but more often
-Less wait on bug fixes
-Focused on your input

PowerCLI 6.5.2
-New ‘inventoryLocation’ parameter – move-vm, import-vapp, new-vapp
-Mount a content library ISO with new-CDDrive
-Fixes and enhancements

Multiplatform Fling
-Photon OS, Mac OS, Linux, Docker

VMware Cloud on AWS?
-Works exactly the same as on-site vCenter

Endless Possibilities
-Content library – more cmdlets to come
-Parameter auto-complete
-vSphere REST API high-level cmdlets
-Powershell DSC (desired state config) – Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Saltstack
-New vSphere Client and Rest API support for Onyx (automated code generator)
-PowerCLI multiplatform 6.0

Community Projects
(FREE) OpBot – Connects vCenter to slack. Download: http://try.opvizor.com/opbot
(NEW!!) PowerCLI Feature request page: https://vmwa.re/powercli


VMworld 2016: What’s new in PowerCLI

Session INF8092

Note: If you missed it, Microsoft open sourced PowerShell and will release it for MacOS and Linux. VMware will release PowerCLI modules for Linux and MacOS, so you can run the same scripts on all three platforms.

PowerCLI Technical Preview

  • No more snap-ins – Much more simple to install and maintain
  • Horizon View module – Now distributed as a module. Now remote server enabled. Full API support.
  • VSAN commandlets added
  • Cross center vMotion support – vSphere 6.0 and higher
  • Improved Virtual Disk Management – Disks are now first class objects.
  • vSphere DSC (desired stated configuration) module. Luc Dekens wrote a script that takes existing vSphere config state and writes a DSC file.
  • Parallelism – Typical for big jobs. Start-job cmdlet